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    Can You Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

    Woman drinking coffee

    Across the world, there is an incredibly popular caffeinated beverage that is consumed almost first thing in the morning to get early birds wide awake. If you guessed coffee, you are correct! Dark, rich coffee is one of the most commonly drunk morning beverages on the planet. People from Canada to Japan seek a hot glass of coffee to get them started for the challenges that work will present in the day.

    However, a large amount of the workforce suffers from orthodontic issues that require them to wear Invisalign. Before we answer can you drink coffee with Invisalign, let’s take a look at some myths surrounding drinking coffee while wearing Invisalign.

    Drinking Coffee with Invisalign Myths

    Myth 1: The most commonly told myth about drinking coffee with invisalign is that the drinker’s teeth will rot. This is simply false, as wearing Invisalign while consuming any food or beverage does not contribute to plaque build-up or tooth decay. 

    Myth 2: A lesser-known myth that’s been spread is that drinking coffee with invisalign erodes the plastic material. Unless the coffee you’re drinking is corrosive, (Which will never happen) it’s safe to say your Invisalign will not be damaged from indulging in iced coffee, or a hot cup of jo. 

    Myth 3: The most dangerous myth regarding drinking coffee with invisalign is that it creates a byproduct, and when ingested can be toxic. This is an extreme and completely false myth that was spread around Reddit forums to scare off people who use Invisalign treatment. 

    Myth 4: Frothing coffee creamer can cause erosion to invisalign guards. This is also false, as cream or frothing cream bears no negative ramifications to invisalign. So can you froth coffee creamer when you’re wearing orthodontic gear on the go? Yes, you can, and you can enjoy a MoonBrew coffee too!

    How to Open Coffee Bags

    Now that you know there is nothing stopping you from enjoying a cup of coffee while wearing an invisalign, let’s learn how to open our Moon Brew Coffee bags. The first step is to take a look at our collection of delicious coffee beans that are ethically sourced.

    Then, order one of our rich and smooth caffeinated or decaffeinated selections of whole or ground beans. The next step is to wait patiently while your MoonBrew Coffee beans are shipped across the world!

    Next, go to your mailbox or P.O box to receive your very own bag of Moon Brew Coffee beans! Once you’re in your kitchen, this is where you will open your coffee bags. Place the coffee bag on a hard surface, then unravel the very top of the bag, lastly pull open the bag, and voila! Your Moon Brew Coffee beans are ready for brewing into deliciously tasting coffee!

    Moon Brew Coffee Collection

    Invisalign guard coffee drinkers can take a look at Moon Brew’s high-quality collection of coffee beans, and crypto coffee coin merchandise. Drink your hot coffee wearing our fashion-forward MoonBrew T-shirts that have our coffee bean art design embroidered on the front. 

    Our shirts are size inclusive so no matter how big or small you are, purchase our apparel and drink your iced coffee in style! Moon Brew Coffee also has mugs available to purchase, click on our mug options and take a look at which colored mug suits your fancy. 

    Before you purchase, sign up for our newsletter to receive 15% off your next Moon Brew purchase! Why not enjoy a hot cup of coffee that’s ethically sourced and slightly cheaper, so you have more to spend on your late-night cryptocurrency trading.

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