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    Coffee Bean Artistry

    Enjoying Coffee, 18th century oil painting

    Art and Coffee

    Coffee has had cultural significance to people for centuries. Humans have been brewing up and enjoying hot coffee since the 15th century, and we do not plan on stopping soon. It is part of the daily routine of workers everywhere who rely on it to lift their energy and warm their hands. It has been made more or less the same way for centuries. 

    Coffee beans are cultivated, roasted, refined, and brewed. The beans go through many hands before they arrive in ours, each performing their own step in the process. Especially in a modern setting where global trade takes place and over a billion people consume coffee every day, there are actually few people whose lives are not impacted by coffee. Undoubtedly coffee has a place in many lives either as a beverage, career, or passion.

    Like brewing coffee, expressing our emotions through art is a uniquely human experience. We create art involving things we love, and coffee is among one of humanity’s greatest loves. So, of course, coffee and coffee bean art would start cropping up through human history.

    Coffee Art in Contemporary Settings

    Today, coffee shops are a staple store in malls, shopping centers, rest stops, or city blocks, basically anywhere. Even tiny coffee stands can and will crop up anywhere they are liable to get customers. For example, recall the relief that you feel when you see there is a tiny medium roast cafe on your school campus. Coffee art finds its way into these settings in many ways.

     Establishments will often brand themselves in ways that attract a coffee audience. This includes shops incorporating coffee-related imagery or colors into their signs, packaging, or store decoration. 

    How Coffee Bean Art Impacts the Consumer

    Creative design has an enormous impact on our purchasing decisions. A product’s color, imagery, packaging, smell, texture, even font influence our journey from discovering a product, to the eventual purchase. 

    The art on coffee bean packaging is an opportunity for x brand to send consumers a message about the experience their coffee beans will give. Often you are only looking at the packaging for a mere glimpse. However, brands accomplish to craft an enthralling image that stops us in our tracks and convinces us that we will thoroughly enjoy the fruits beneath the package. 

    That’s why bean art is so important to us. We know it plays a significant impact on purchasing decisions and is used as a story-telling device that perfectly captures what MoonBrew is as an entity.

    Coffee Bean Art

    Art’s Impact on Advertising & Branding

    Outside of the world of product packaging, art plays a massive role in how we perceive brands. Art in advertising is captured in all sorts of different traditional and non-traditional marketing mediums that are orchestrated to send consumers messages. 


    Traditional mediums such as billboards, radio ads, and experiential marketing all use art in fundamentally different ways to send advertising messages to their intended audience. Billboards remind onlookers walking by, or in traffic that this brand exists, and uses every bold and eye-catching visual to keep your attention as long as possible. 


    Billboards aren’t intended to land an immediate sale but remind onlookers that the brand exists. The more advertising messages a person is exposed to, the higher the chance that individual will consider that brand in their next purchasing decision.


    Radio ads do a lot with a little. They have no visual component, however, they have three advantages. Radio ads can conveniently through audio creative concepts that explore why a product or service can provide a benefit to your life. 


    Advertisers can select specific radio stations that have an audience that would be fitting towards their product or service. And advertisers can choose when their ad plays, and how often it plays a day.


    Experiential marketing is one of the most creative and exciting executions of advertising because they give audiences an experience! The Pepsi vs Coke challenge, interactive airport glass ads, Oragina’s shakable vending machine, and Molson’s Pan Am Fridge are all excellent examples of experiential marketing done right.


    Loving our Coffee Art?

    Check out our collections page to see all the different bean bags we have and the art that goes along! While you’re here, also check out our other forms of art called blog posts! We post a lot so try your best to keep up with MoonBrew’s blog! Check out our post drinking coffee with braces, and the difference between light and dark roast coffee. Thanks for tuning in!

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