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    Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

    Squirrel in a backyard reacting to coffee grounds

    Squirrels may be a cute little animal at face value, however any homeowner or gardener understands the destructive pests that they can truly be. Squirrels are notorious for digging up vegetable gardens, flowers, and eating up entire things of birdseed in bird feeders.

     They are expensive to deal with and exhausting overtime. There are quite a few home remedy tools that can deter squirrels from your backyard, including coffee grounds!

     How do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

    Fortunately for us humans, coffee smells incredibly delicious and fragrant. It’s a smell that is associated with fond memories, happy mornings, and interesting evenings. Squirrels get the raw end of the deal luckily for us. Studies have shown the potent aroma that emits from grounds is strong enough to drive off squirrels from homeowner’s precious gardens and expensive birdseed.

    Homeowners who deal with squirrels have a variety of tools available at brick and mortar retailers that offer a variety of natural and artificial squirrel deterrents that squirrels hate. However, these deterrents are often not pet friendly and can result in burning dogs’ and cats’ noses, and in worse cases, cause inflammation of the snout.

    Looking to keep squirrels away without potentially harming your dog or outdoor cat? Take a look at MoonBrew Coffee’s collection of aromatic, ethically sourced beans. Our high caffeine, rocket fuel coffee beans are potent and the perfect tool for keeping pesky squirrels from your garden.

    All of our coffee beans would make a great choice as they’re all packed with strong odors. No matter caffeinated or decaf beans. As soon as they’re grounded up, and evenly distributed in your backyard, you will notice the results. 

    Other tools to keep squirrels away

    If you are in need of stronger tools than coffee grounds. Your local Home Depot will have animal and rodent repellent available in spray bottle form. Directions navigate the homeowners to spray their garbage, garden perimeter, and any areas of your home or garden that animals are getting into. 

    The natural repellent uses a potent amount of cayenne pepper to repel squirrels and other pests away from your garden. The natural repellent will last until the next moderate rainfall. Reapply once dry so your garden and home can be protected again from unwanted pests.

    The artificial animal and rodent repellent is much more powerful and subsides after multiple rainfalls. It’s important to note that these squirrel repellents will irritate your animals, so pet owners are best advised not to use these repellents.

    Is using coffee grounds cheaper than repellents?

    The answer is yes! Using coffee grounds as a pet-friendly alternative is actually going to save you money in the long run! Utilizing coffee grounds to keep squirrels away only takes a small portion of your Moon Brew Coffee beans. And when comparing the price of 1Lbs of MoonBrew coffee beans to animal repellent. You are substantially saving money while enjoying a hot caffeinated coffee.

    Remember. If you are dealing with more than just squirrels in your backyard or front lawn. It may be a safer option to go with Home Depot’s animal repellent products, or animal repellent products available in your local retail store.

    Where can I buy some coffee grounds?

    Look no further, MoonBrew has you covered on delicious coffee, and keeping squirrels away. Our coffee grounds are delicious, earthy, and potent. So no matter your first-world problems, Moon Brew has got your back! Try our collection of decaf and caffeinated coffee beans available to ship right to your door. We also ship our beans internationally too!

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