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    Crypto app not working?

    Crypto app not working

    Are you experiencing issues with your Coinbase app? How about problems opening, and using the Binance application on your phone? Any luck with logging into your Metamask on the mobile app? Cryptocurrency traders, (Including us at MoonBrew) always find ourselves frustrated when we see a gem to trade on-the-go. But are rudely inconvenienced by our crypto app not working! This blog post will explore why your crypto app is slow, or why your crypto app is unresponsive. 

    Crypto app is slow

    The very first step any mobile developer will tell you in order to speed up your apps is to clear the application’s cache for loading issues. Hopefully, this works fine to speed up your crypto apps, but chances are you’ll still run into the painfully long load screens and multi-step logins.

    Your next step is to speed up every login process available within the app. Unfortunately, nearly all cryptocurrency apps are very slow and don’t contain any setting to lower graphic quality. You are likely to save around 2-3 minutes time if you set auto-login functions up within Coinbase and the Binance Smart Chain wallet app.

    Crypto app is unresponsive 

    Another annoying problem a lot of crypto traders have run into while trading on the go is their apps being completely unresponsive. This is a major reason why cryptocurrency trading primarily takes place on desktop devices. Exchanges like Pancake swap, Sushi Swap, and Uniswap and nearly impossible to trade crypto on your mobile device. 

    When attempting to swap, error messages, app notifications that read “check your data connection” or “connection not working properly” often are served. It’s even more frustrating when an app has an issue but serves unrelated notifications like “account-related issues”.

    This may just sound like an inconvenience, but having such a densely used device by people across the world, unable to trade crypto has its consequences. Furthermore, people lose out on opportunities to make money simply because crypto mobile applications aren’t coded optimally. We suggest checking your internet connection, checking if the app is not updating, or please contact a support provider.

    Consequences of crypto apps not working

    The negative ramification of crypto apps not working are very costly, in fact, not being able to trade on mobile could potentially cost the digital currency industry hundreds of millions per year. This is because of the incredible amount of money that is in cryptocurrency. 

    If people are only limited to trading on desktop due to black screens when they open an app, despite being out and about often. Then every day there are millions of dollars worth of potential trading that do not occur because of crypto apps not working.

    It’s sad if you think about how much money some people and businesses are losing out on because of faulty code. It’s also an opportunity for a crypto exchange to create an optimally running app and pivot themselves as the world’s first fully functional mobile crypto exchange!

    Looking for a way to stay up for crypto trades?

    Another major factor that stops traders from making lots of money is sleep. We are only human, we have long days, busy schedules, and can’t help it if we get tired and miss out on some epic trading. So what’s a solution to staying up a bit later to make some money with a late-night digital trade? 

    Enjoying yourself a hot cup of Moon Brew Coffee! MoonBrew offers a wide selection of delicious dark roast and medium roast coffee beans. Take a look at our collection and treat yourself to a cup of coffee, or iced coffee, so you can stay up and enjoy those crypto trades!

    MoonBrew Coffee also has a collection of decaffeinated coffee for crypto-traders who still enjoy the delicious, earthy, rich taste of our coffee beans, but without the caffeine. We hope you enjoyed our blog post, please leave a comment and try yourself some of MoonBrew’s crypto coffee!

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