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    Who is Crypto Eri

    Ethereum cryptocurrency logo in front of a horizon

    YouTube is a hub full of millions of content creators who publish unique and high-quality content every single second of the day! There are millions of years worth of content on YouTube. It would be impossible for anyone to watch each and every video on the classic video-sharing platform.

    That’s why it is important to watch videos that are made newsworthy, entertaining, and with the viewer's interest in mind. Enter, Crypto Eri. She is a cryptocurrency expert located in Tokyo Japan where the crypto industry is booming. Her platform on YouTube covers the crypto industry in Tokyo, a special focus on XRP, and interviews with crypto traders from around the globe!

    Crypto Eri content

    If you visit Crypto Eri’s content, you are in for an educational treat! Her content is sourced, detailed, digestible, and entertaining. She always leaves the viewer with insights to take away for food for thought. Her videos are well edited and have an appropriate duration of run-time.

    Crypto Eri is sophisticated, and often analyzes cryptocurrencies and their potential through several financial perspectives. Crypto Eri continues to produce content on a weekly basis, so she always has something fresh, smart, and profitable to share every week or so.

    Her interviews are with cryptocurrency and financial experts all across the globe. Keep in mind this is no easy task to accomplish due to the time zone Eri lives in. Her hard work and dedication to cryptocurrency and supporting others’ financial gains are evident in every single video Crypto Eri produces.

    XRP is an alt cryptocurrency that is a competitor to Bitcoin, Etheruem, and Binance (As well as MoonBrew haha). Crypto Eri has been in the digital asset industry for years, so her knowledge on the topic of XRP is quite extensive. Her superior expertise makes her an authority figure on all things XRP, so if you’re looking to invest, it is wise to listen to Crypto Eri and get your credit cards and digital wallet ready.

    Cryptocurrency trading tips

    If you’re looking into investing time and energy into day trading, cryptocurrency is profitable but chaotic. It’s the wild west of investing, as the majority of new currencies are scams. A wise decision before ever trading a crypto asset is to seek an authority figure's opinion, especially if you’re new to trading. 

    Due to 95% of all new digital assets being scam tokens, having a guiding hand can help you learn how to safely trade, and reduce the chances of you losing money. This is why listening to Crypto Eri’s videos on day trading, digital assets, and finance are vital to being a savvy trader.

    We do hope that this blog post catches Crypto Eri’s eye. She is a talented and thoughtful content creator on YouTube and is responsible for supporting thousands of people globally through her knowledge, wisdom, and kind heart. We are blessed to have her content available, and it would be a delight to be able to meet in Tokyo during our next visit to the iconic major city.

    What’s a good cryptocurrency to invest in?

    On the topic of good investments, bitcoin, binance, and Ethereum will forever be considered stable coins to keep your money secured for long-term growth in digital currencies. We can’t suggest tokens that are prime for day trading due to the hypersensitive nature of each coin from our own experience and market data. Especially if they are shitcoins.

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    Thanks again for reading our blog post! We hope Crypto Eri reads this and gets in touch! If you have any questions or would like to get in contact, my email is jonmoonbrew@gmail.com

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