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    What makes a good dark roast coffee?

    Dark roast coffee beans

    Recently, there’s been a boom in the trend of brewing your own cold brews at home using dark roast coffee. Who’s to say what caused the spike in interest for dark roast coffee, but that leads coffee lovers to wonder what makes a good dark roast coffee? 

    For starters, the origin of the coffee beans is a vital component in making a rich and smooth-tasting coffee. Sourcing your beans from countries that have environments optimal for coffee farming like Colombia and Ethiopia is ideal. 

    Are the beans Arabica coffee beans?

    Arabica coffee beans are one of the highest quality coffee beans farmed on the planet. They’re used in breakfast restaurants, coffee chains, and coffee boutiques across the globe. Arabica coffee beans originate from Ethiopia, however, due to their quality, Arabica coffee beans have been taken and grown all over the world for coffee drinkers. 

    Check coffee packaging if there is any indication that the coffee beans are Arabica or Ethiopian. This is a coffee connoisseurs’ tactic to quickly identify a high-quality coffee bean. Check out MoonBrew’s coffee bean collection and try our deliciously smooth Ethiopian origin coffee.

    Can a dark roast decaf coffee taste good?

    The answer is yes, decaffeinated coffee is amazing! Some coffee lovers hold a distaste towards decaf coffee because of the absence of caffeine. Those decaf haters are missing out on the rich, and earthy taste of decaf beverages. Especially dark roast decaf coffee. Decaf dark roast coffee doesn’t take away any quality of flavor profiles from hot or cold coffee. 

    So if you’re trying to avoid staying up too late, or find yourself on a caffeine diet. Don’t miss out on the refreshing taste of a hot coffee or a crisp iced coffee. Just switch up your choice of coffee beans and enjoy a hot cup of dark roast decaf coffee.

     Decaffeinated medium roasts and light roasts are also perfect choices! They provide high-quality experiences in getting the right amount of perk like a kicking horse coffee, despite being decaf. Medium and light roast decaf coffee still maintain the same deliciously creamy and earthy flavor profiles. 

    Do dark roasts taste better than a light roasts?

    This is a tricky question as it honestly depends on the individual. What flavor profiles you enjoy are wired to your genetics. Meaning some people will literally be born loving full-bodied dark roasts, while others may only prefer light roasted coffee. Genes can even dictate whether a person likes or dislikes the taste of the coffee period. 

    Providing an answer to whether dark roast or light roasts taste better is frankly impossible to provide. There are elements in each coffee bean that creates a delicious taste, and it’s ultimately down to the individual. No roast is better than one another, no matter what your snobby coffee friends with french presses and quirky roasting processes might think.

    Where can I find a tasty dark roast?

    MoonBrew offers a variety of delicious tasting dark roast beans for shipping. Get your favorite roast coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep! All you need to do is visit MoonBrew Coffee, pick out your choice of beans or merchandise, and purchase!  

    MoonBrew Coffee also has a cryptocurrency available to invest on the Binance Smart Chain. All you need is a Metamask account, the smart contract, and some BNB to trade and hold MoonBrew crypto. Holding MoonBrew’s crypto grants access to upcoming limited-edition coffee beans, and gets you discounted coffee! 

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