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    Drinking Coffee with Braces

    Woman smiling while having teeth with braces on them

    As an early morning beverage that kick-starts your day, or an afternoon pick me up. Hot coffee is a drink that billions of people across the globe savor for its flavor and caffeine, and aroma. Unfortunately, not all brew drinkers are able to enjoy their deliciously rich cup of jo due to certain orthodontic instruments, including braces. Below, we will explore why drinking coffee with braces is discouraged, the effects drinking coffee with braces may have, and other conditions that make coffee drinking challenging. 

    Why Can’t you Drink Coffee with Braces?

    Drinking one cup of coffee while having braces won’t necessarily do any real harm, however it’s when that single cup turns into a habit. Consistently drinking a cup of coffee with braces causes the brackets of your braces, and your teeth to stain. Consistent staining of braces can cause orthodontic setbacks so it is best advised to not habitually drink. 

    However there are some tricks to getting around this annoying caffeine hiccup. Always have a metal or sustainably made straw on hand. Drinking coffee, or any dark beverages with braces substantially mitigates staining to your teeth. Don’t worry if you do not have a straw on hand. Brushing your teeth right after you  finish your precious hot coffee will reduce staining done to your braces. 

    Despite braces being sensitive to coffee and other darker beverages. People who wear Invisalign don’t need to worry about any negative ramifications from their favorite hot drink. To learn more about drinking coffee with Invisalign, check out MoonBrew’s blog post Can you drink coffee with Invisalign?

    Caffeine Intolerance

    The most common reason why people do not drink a cup of jo, despite loving the taste of coffee (besides having braces) is due to caffeine intolerance. Most cases of caffeine intolerance aren't noticeable until a couple cups of caffeinated beverages are ingested. It’s most common symptoms are a racing heartbeat, uncomfortable jitters, and painful diarrhea. Despite being a painful and inconvenient condition to have, it comes with a silver lining. Enter, decaffeinated coffee. 

    Fortunately, coffee boutiques and cafes are quite inclusive of people who suffer from caffeine sensitivity. Nearly all chains and cafes include decaf options on the menu for those who suffer from caffeine intolerance or caffeine sensitivities. 

    Where can I find decaf coffee?

    If you feel as though you may be caffeine sensitive, but still enjoy a hot cup of jo. MoonBrew has a variety of decaf options available for coffee lovers around the world! We ship internationally, right to your doorstep. Take a look at our delicious decaf collection and continue enjoying your favorite dark brown drink.

    Let us know how you feel about our decaf and other options by contacting us at MoonBrew! We really appreciate your comments, and please leave us a review on our product pages. 

    Are MoonBrew’s Beans Braces-Friendly

    Sadly, our beans are high-quality and beautiful dark brown just like they should be. Our beans will stain the braces your orthodontist delicately put on your teeth. So we highly suggest you drink our beans with a straw or brush your teeth after enjoying them.

    Despite traditional braces and metal braces being annoying, but a necessary orthodontic tool for adjusting teeth. It’s not a good idea to drink coffee without having a straw on hand to mitigate staining. Don’t get us wrong, we greatly appreciate our community members who wear braces!

     We just wish you the best for your teeth and would love you to drink our product without the worry of damaging your lovely smile.

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