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    Is Decaffeinated Coffee a Diuretic?

    Cup of Coffee.

    First off, is decaffeinated coffee a diuretic? No, it is not. This is because decaf is missing the one ingredient that causes the diuretic symptoms; caffeine. Though, one myth about decaf coffee is that it is fully caffeine-free. This is false, it is about 97% decaffeinated. The residual caffeine left in the bean is not enough to really affect us.

     Even with regular coffee, you would need to drink at least two cups to start seeing diuretic effects. It also depends on the individual's tolerance. But you may be wondering, what is a diuretic? And does this mean you can drink decaf anytime with no consequences? I will be diving into all these questions to help figure out if caffeine free coffee is right for you.

    What is a Diuretic?

    A diuretic is any substance that you consume that causes your body to excrete water at a faster pace through the kidneys. Basically, it is anything that when eaten makes you urinate more frequently. Since decaf coffee is mostly decaffeinated, it is not considered a diuretic, alternatively regular coffee is. 

    That is why after you've drunk your morning cup of joe, you sometimes find yourself running for the bathroom. If this is something that annoys you, maybe give our decaf coffee a try instead. 

    Health Benefits of Decaffeinated Coffee

    Decaf coffee has many health benefits without all the jitters that regular coffee may cause. It is full of antioxidants which are said to help the body protect against cancer and heart disease. Decaf coffee has important vitamins including but not limited to; magnesium and potassium. 

    Also, cutting down on the caffeine in your diet can improve your sleep and lower anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, decaf coffee does still have small amounts of caffeine, but this can help sharpen mental focus throughout your day. This also means that you maybe shouldn't drink decaf close to bedtime. Click here to check out our decaf coffee and give it a try!

    Decaffeinated coffee myths

    Due to the small amount of people who drink decaffeinated coffee and beverages, some fake news has been spread about the caffeine-less drink. The most alarmist myth is that decaffeinated coffee is poisonous. 

    Under no circumstances is fresh beans poisonous. However, a less extreme, but commonly believed myth is that decaf still has a heaping amount of caffeine. This is incorrect, caffeine coffee has around 600 - 800 milligrams of coffee, where decaf coffee only has 5 milligrams. 

    Another common misconception surrounding the diet caffeine beverage is that it taste poor, or not as good as regular coffee. Multiple studies have been funded by coffee brands that have concluded that their is no distinguishable taste difference between the two separate types of coffee. Therefore, you have no fear of missing out if your doctor tells you to lay off coffee due to the effects of caffeine, I.e acid reflux.

                   Is Decaf Coffee Right for Me?

    If all these amazing health benefits peak your interest, and you are trying to cut down on your caffeine intake; decaf sounds like a fit for you. If you are sick of having to run to the bathroom every five minutes because of your regular boring coffee, then decaf sounds right for you. Click here to check out our delicious coffee blend and give it a try. And if you have any questions feel free to contact us at MoonBrew

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