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    Introducing the MoonBrew Blog!

    MoonBrew branded coffee mug on a kitchen table.

    Welcome to our first blog post! We at MoonBrew are so excited to finally start our coffee & crypto blog! This blog will be dedicated to informing our community and the public about everything coffee and crypto-related. We are experts in cryptocurrency trading, crypto investments, coffee, and coffee beans! With that being said, let’s answer some popular questions surrounding MoonBrew as both a cryptocurrency and coffee bean retailer!

    What makes MoonBrew stand out?

    The crypto market is saturated with dozens of tokens & coins like Dogecoin, amp crypto, Dark Matter Token, and several others that can make navigating through the clutter a challenge. What distinguishes MoonBrew from all other currencies is the token’s tangible attributes. MoonBrew is the world’s first crypto-backed coffee retailer. 

    There’s a lot of value in having a cryptocurrency tied towards the success of a business’s profits. It provides transparency to the token holders as they can see forecasts of business initiatives, as well as witness the execution of said initiatives. Holders of the cryptocurrency can also receive discounts on coffee beans and have opportunities to purchase limited-edition flavors in the future (We have some yummy single-origin coffee coming). With that being said, holders can only gain from keeping diamond hands and holding MoonBrew.

    How can I buy coffee beans from MoonBrew?

    If you’re looking to be an early adopter in the world’s first crypto coffee, you’re in luck! We have dark roast coffee beans and light roast available at our MoonBrew online shop. Browse through our collection of coffee beans that are ethically sourced and fair trade. Our products are available to ship internationally, also take a look at our medium roast selections.

    Enjoy a hot cup of coffee (Or iced coffee) that’s been deliciously brewed and plucked from farms all across the world! We take pride in not only being a cryptocurrency that’s tied to a tangible product but in providing a delicious and smooth tasting experience. Decaf coffee beans are also available in our MoonBrew store. While you’re there, check out some of our merchandise like our T-shirts, Mousepads, and thermos.

    How can I invest in MoonBrew?

    Our MoonBrew website has links to our telegram group chat where you can find the smart contract, and even talk with the developers who built the crypto asset & digital currency, MoonBrew from the ground up! While you’re there, say hello to our epic community of crypto-trading cup-o-Jo lovers. 

    Once you are a holder of MoonBrew, you’re able to indulge in the sweet reflect that gives you a percentage of money from every transaction of MoonBrew crypto. All you need to do from then is sit back, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and watch your investment increase in value. With all the business projects upcoming and marketing initiatives being executed for the digital asset, holding your MoonBrew will likely result in prosperity.

    What does MoonBrew’s future look like?

    Well, this is a tricky question to answer. We have lots of different ideas of where we want to direct MoonBrew once we steadily build our brand. Some of us at MoonBrew would like to get shelf space in Japanese vending machines in Tokyo with bottled beverages. Others want to start physical stores and be a competitor to Tim Hortons or Starbucks. 

    However, all of us know that these big dreams need a strong foundation of sustainable business practices to be able to pursue such entrepreneurial endeavors. We are always looking to build our brand, find ways for holders to profit, and pave the way for cryptocurrencies to establish relationships with tangible products for a brighter and smarter consumer world

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    Courtney calendar_today

    The coffee beans are deliciously brewed! I ordered myself a Dark roast last night after my amazing experience with the medium roast coffee beans.

    Johnson calendar_today

    I have heavily invested in their token and I just can’t wait for my beans to come in the mail!

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