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    Rocket Fuel High Caffeine Coffee

    Moon Brew Coffee's Rocket Fuel High Caffeine Coffee bean packaging

    After a couple of months of enjoying MoonBrew Coffee and our delicious product line of ethically sourced coffee beans. You may have started to wonder what exactly is the most popular coffee bean product that our amazing community of coffee and crypto lovers drink up? It’s our sweet coffee brew that comes with a kick to keep you awake, our Rocket Fuel Caffeine Coffee!

    The MoonBrew team is thrilled that so many members of our community enjoyed our Coffee beans that are amped with caffeine! We will make sure we can consistently provide high caffeine coffee beans for our loyal customers with busy schedules which require an extra percolated cup of coffee for the day’s challenges. 

    What Makes Rocket Fuel so Damn Delicious?

    Our fair trade and ethically sourced fan favorite coffee bean, Rocket Fuel is carefully harvested at the bean’s most optimal period of ripeness. It delivers an intense satisfying taste that paints your tongue in a sweet but smokey flavor. 

    Not only is it refreshingly smooth going down, but our Rocket Fuel leaves a silky smooth lasting flavor of coffee that sends your taste buds right to South America! We are proud of our highly caffeinated coffee bean offering and that it’s synonymous with top-quality coffee. MoonBrew’s Rocket Fuel High Caffeine coffee is the perfect beverage to keep you awake throughout the day.

    Long Lasting Energy

    Our Rocket Fuel Dark Roast is loaded with a healthy but hearty amount of caffeine to keep you awake for the most crucial moments of the day. No matter if it's crypto trading, business & work ordeals, or keeping order in your house full of kiddos, we have you covered with the liquid long lasting energy!

    Moon Brew Coffee is a tool for you to utilize to keep yourself properly energized without the need to go for a 2nd or 3rd lousy cup of coffee. We love putting a smile on customers’ faces, knowing they have enough beans to last them a deliciously long time. If you’re interested in a not-so-perky hot cup of roasted coffee, check out our collection of caffeinated beans that are considered regular coffee for sustainable energy.

    Colombian Coffee

    MoonBrew sources coffee from multiple continents around the globe, including South America. One of our smooth-tasting beans is sourced specifically from a nation incredibly rich in culture, and coffee. That nation is known as Colombia. Colombian coffee is synonymous with high-quality flavor that sends tasters out of this world!

    Grown in the mountains of Antioquia Colombia, these yummy coffee beans have hints of both orange, berries, and chocolate. Our Colombian coffee beans are medium roast, which has a higher caffeine content than our dark roast offerings. But not as much caffeine as our Rocket Fuel coffee beans. So this is a good, medium/high coffee bean alternative to get you through the day.

    Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

    For those of you who have read our blog post on whether or not decaffeinated coffee is a diuretic, you may be informed and interested in the delicious experience that decaf entails. MoonBrew Coffee has a collection of decaf coffee beans that will surely blow your taste buds out of the milky way!

    Our decaf options have about 5 mg of caffeine after the decaffeination process, so you can enjoy the earthy and delicious taste of coffee without being jittery if you are caffeine sensitive. So no matter who you are, buy yourself a cup of MoonBrew coffee. Your taste buds and energy will thank you for it. And lastly, what’s 9 + 10? Twenty one.

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